Public Math iOS Sticker Pack

Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself, “That would make for a great math photo!”?

An office with cubicles, recycling bins, and a Tetris-like grey, yellow, and green carpeting scheme. The Public Math iOS Sticker Pack is a simple way to add playful math prompts into your photos and text messages.

Here's how to get started!

  1. Install the Public Math iOS Sticker pack from your phone or your iPad (it will open up in the app store).
  2. Launch the Messages app on your phone. iPhone screen with Messages app highlighted
  3. From the Messages app, take a photo or record a video of something that invites math play! Messages app is open; camera icon is highlighted Photo widget is running; shutter button is highlighted
  4. Now that you’ve taken the photo, tap the effects icon on the bottom left of your screen. Photo is showing on the screen; effects button is highlighted
  5. Select the Public Math sticker icon. The Public Math sticker icon is highlighted among the effects
  6. Browse through the stickers and tap the one you’d like to appear. The various sticker options are shown
  7. Use your fingers to place, rotate, and resize the sticker. A sticker is shown on top of the photo, and arrows indicating that it can be moved around
  8. Once you hit “Done” on the top right, the image will save into your Photos library. But it’s more fun if you send it off to your friend or share it on twitter - we promise! The final image with sticker superimposed See the gallery below for some ideas!

Learn more about using stickers with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch here.