Public Math develops, houses, supports, and disseminates diverse projects with a common goal: Informal, creative, and playful mathematical opportunities for children and adults. 

Our Mission

Public Math creates mathematical opportunities in the spaces that diverse children and families inhabit and interact with in their daily lives.

We adults have a responsibility to let the children play. We can be there to listen to their ideas as they do. We can play in parallel by getting our own egg cartons out and filling these cartons with our own ideas.

But when we tell kids what to do, we are asking the children to fill that carton with our ideas, rather than allowing them to explore their own.
— Christopher Danielson, Founder, Math On-A-Stick


In the summer of 2018, we received funding from Desmos and CPM to convene the first Public Math Gathering, where a group of 10 educators, designers, and artists launched our work. You can read more about that gathering here.